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Have you ever read the M4W or CE posts? They're practically all exactly the same! Have you ever noticed how many new ads are posted everyday? TONS. Do you realize how much competition you have? Do you realize that guys who want sex are a dime a dozen? Oh wait... you are the best pussy licker in town, sorry this post isn’t for you. CE is obviously working wonders for you.

I can guarantee you that even the most prudish girl/woman surfing this board would have an NSA encounter if the perfect post grabbed her attention. It may only be one post in a million... but they are looking, so there's a chance.

If you want to get noticed, you have to stand out. PERIOD. What can you offer that none of the others can? How are you going to get a women to even want to open your ad if you have nothing to catch their attention? We KNOW what YOU want, why are you telling us in you Headline. What can you offer ME!?

Lets look at the steps that need to occur before you have sex with a stranger. This might not be the exact set of steps for everyone (I know there are CL CE pros out there), but it is for a lot of women... as you can see, this is no easy game for the average joe. (but that’s why you are here).

1. Most critically, she needs a reason to even want to open your post... the headline is all you have to make this happen... shouldn't it be a great one? The headline is your marketing material.

2. She needs to read your post. Grammar and spelling counts guys, but the message must be enticing and en line with your headline (the reason she opened your post)

3. it needs to pique HER interest (Guys, get this trough your thick skulls... This isn't about YOU. Stop sounding so selfish. "I want BJ, I want to fuck girls." We KNOW why you posted! what are you going to do for me to get what you want?

4. She needs to Reply. Thats a big step. HUGE! Don't blow your wad. I would guess that 90% of posters fail when they email her back.

5. exchange pics. (this can be a nail in your coffin. Choose your pics carefully. Consider all else that is in the photo. If your pic is horrible, we assume that it is your BEST foot forward and it can only go down hill from there. Ugly furniture? Messy apartment? dont put that stuff in your pics)

5. You need to connect. If you can get past the email stage, you are in great shape. If you can get her number, you are going to meet.

6. You meet. You are NOT "in like flint" boys. She is still deciding on whether or not she wants to go through with it. Make her comfortable.

Lets look at some of the recent headlines in Milwaukee M4W CE, Shall we? This is a complete list since Midnight December 31st. It's now just after 1pm. There are about 60. That's about 5 an hour average.

Of this list, I would open every one with pics first. There are 7 of them. This is not to say that you MUST have a pic, in fact, a lot of you guys are not good at selecting enticing photos. Consider the background, and your choice of undergarments. Anyway, only one shows a face and his was probably one of those who should have not posted a pic. One is a pic of Mr T, another a cartoon, and the others are ugly dick pics. The guy who doesn’t want white chicks has a stumpy dick. Not his best feature (I hope)

I would also open all the ones that I thought might have a shot at making me laugh.. SYMPATHY SUCK for instance. So pathetic that it has to be an honest attempt at humor... Nope. At 42, He has just never had a good BJ.

Here we GO!

-Lets fuck for New Years (no date huh? Its OK. Most of the guys on this list are in the same boat)

-Busty women Please reply (OMG! I found a man who likes big tits! Call Rippleys!)

-Looking for some LEGS (I have legs, what do you have?)

-Anyone wanna chat? YIM me for some erotic fun! ( I might, actually)

-SYMPATHY SUCK (I was hoping this would be an attept at humor)

-FWB's (What about it?)

-Nw Years Eve Date (another last minute desperate attempt... and he cant spell)

-Is there a lady woul would like to have a FB? (ME!ME!ME!)

-New Year's blowjob?? lol (yeah, lol... haha)

-Looking for a woman 35 or older to hookup this weekend at my house(26) (Id read this one, but that doesnt mean Im going to his house... but hey a 26 y/o with a house?)

-Love Without the Glove (EW! Are you fucking kidding me!?)

-pre new-year's fun? (Im wet already)

-LOOKING for a BBW (This has the BEST CHANCE on this board)

-Get Pregnant (Ill open it out of curiosity... freek show, or comedian... it's worth a look)

-A nice gentleman in need (all you guys are in need)

-Want a woman under 35 to hang out tonight!! (you mean, a new years eve date?
You should have added "BBW." There are a lot of them looking this time of year!)

-IM LOOKING FOR LUNCHTIME FUN (Its all about you, isnt it)

-Man looking for NSA fun (Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Man Seeks Unattached Sex, Wall street Crashes))

-cum or anal??? (Say WHAT!)

-Younger Woman Wanted to hang with tonight!!! (38) (This just in...)

-nice guy looking for fun time (23) (thats nice)

-Looking to be mommys little boy (36) (To each his or her own... I hope he finds his match)

-Looking for a drinking ga (29) (What is a ga? I hope its like AA)

-Check it out (eh, why not)

-marines last day in town looking for nsa fun (24)(the "marine" card works, but we know you want sex... you dont need to tell us.)

-Experienced Dom seeks daytime sub (48)

-Looking for latina, black or asian (34) (So... pretty much no white chicks)

-Azian man looking for NSA (30) (I did not know Azian men like sex too!)

-NEED A HANDYMAN?? (43) (Why YES! I DO need a handy man. I'll open you)

-This Morning (yeah, I'll be right over)

-Bord and horny, Dirty emails? (31) (Emails are non committal... I might check you out)

-Bring in the new year with a big bang-ing (33) (Another dateless wonder on NYE)

-Casino companion? (47) (HELL YEAH!)

-Can you make me a better offer??? (50) (I need to find out what this guy offered)

-WHORES ONLY (36) (Dammit!)

-Maried and Bored? Me too! (33) (at least he's honest)

-Any real women out there interested in NSA (HELLO, Hello, hello... ECHO, Echo, echo...)

-kinking man looking (Ya dont say!)

-You want me (26) (I KILL YOU)

-lets meet (37) (Nah)

-tender bed buddy (48) (weird)

-nsa fun (More breaking news)


-can you handle me? lets have descrete fun (21) (Ill look... he posted a pic)

-Looking for my anal queen! (35) (I put you on a pedestal, you are my queen... I will light candles and lay you down on a bed of flower petals. I will then gently penetrate your booty hole)

-New Years blow out (36) (...)

-White cum Black ass (34) (I LOVE SHOPPING THERE! I want to read this one!)

-Make me smile (22) (Im trying)

-Real guy here... it's 17 degrees out right now (30) (What a relief. all these fake horny bastards are really frustrating me)

-Headed to the casino, can I stop over for some quick head maybe more?? (31) (Will you give me money for the slots?)

-What's out there Hmmmmmmmmm Woooooooo (33) (Marco... Polo!)

-Big strong Male DOM (...)

-any ladies want to come over and drink and hangout? tonight? it's 1am (26) (no)

-I want to lick your pussy (25) (I know what you want, tell me what I get!)

-Sperm Donations free!!!! free impregnation drain me (29) (I hope this is funny.)

-We can pleasure ourselves (43) (cant we do that BY ourselves?)

-Looking for a sexy girl that loves giving head!!!! (20) (This guy is one in a million.)

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