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So back in January, before winter arrived, I had just moved into a new apartment on the East Side. Everyday, like clockwork, a women, a fine looking women at that, would walk by my building, on her way to the park with her dog. Me being a dog owner, put two and two together and decided that I would exit my building with my dog as she came by and join her at the park. Seemed simple enough, perfect way to break the ice. Plan works perfectly, we walk to the park, chatting the whole way, not only is she hot, she's very personable as well. We get to the park and let the dogs run, off leash. Dogs are playing, getting along great, I am getting some very good vibes from her, plan is working. The dogs are about 100 yards away when mine starts to squat, no big deal. I keep talking to her, about 2 minutes go by and she mentions that my dog must be having some problems, I look, sure enough still squatting, and kinda doing a squat crab walk kinda thing. I pass it off. Couple more minutes go by and she says, your dog is really having trouble, yep still squatting, finally I decide I need to go check it out. We walk up there, she gets her dog on the leash and joins me at mine. To my horror, my dog has about 20" of a 54" shoestring hanging out of her ass (I know it was 54" because I had just bought them and also had no clue where they went, mystery solved.) At this point I am completely embarassed. The women is standing there looking at me, I'm looking at my dog, and I have no clue what to do. I finally get up the courage to grab the shoestring, push my dog, and the remaining 34" of the string comes out. All parties invloved are kinda shocked by what just took place, except my dog is yelping and licking her butt like theres no tomorrow. I am still standing there speechless, finally she breaks the silence with "I have to go". She and her dog high tail it out of the park and I have not seen her since.

So to you, fine looking dog owner, I have to say, the other one came out two days later, all is well. Coffee sometime?

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