Originally Posted: 2007-07-19 11:02

Free - Terrarium / Mixed Media Piece

This mixed media piece by renowned conceptual artist Rummy La Rue literally captivates the viewer from across the street. The raw power of beaten blue collar wheelbarrow is gently masked by sensual green tides of common, CO2 eating grass. A master in the use of mixed-media, La Rue has captured the despair of the eroding American middle class with the hope of a better, greener future. The monsoons of the rainy season spring forth with limitless abundance of life sucking mosquitoes. The flat-tire exudes the weary exhaustion of the plow horse-lifeblood of the American breadbasket.

Limited edition (numbered 1 of 1), cannot be passed by the discerning collector. E-mail today to add this living sculpture to your front yard collection.

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