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favorite this post 1958 VW Beetle trade for ?

I have a 1958 VW Beetle, original European car with working semaphores. Plenty of pics available if interested, looking to trade for a daily driver, what have you got ? must get good fuel mileage, prefer automatic, working AC is a must. Jetta, GTI, new Beetle, Prelude, 3000gt, Accord, Civic, or an interesting older car. I'm not picky just need a good daily driver, driving a Suburban 110 miles round trip everyday, gas bill is adding up, while the beetle sits in the garage and gathers dust.

Response has been huge, let me address a few common questions.
1. This is not a show car, it is 51 years old, it has a few spots that could use attention, more pics will be sent to interested parties.
2. Can I drive it home ? it runs and drives fine, it IS a 6 volt 36 horse 1958 VW with a lowered adjustable front beam and lowered one click in the back. If you want to drive it 500 miles home thats up to you.
3. Will I drive/bring the car to you in Texas so you can look at it ?, no, you need to come to me.
4. Does the horn work ? everything except the radio works on the car, even the horn.
5. Will I trade it for an Xbox........nope cant do it.
6. When can I come get it ? I leave for work at 5:am, I get home about 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday. If you want the car and are serious about a trade, the best day to come would be a Thursday our courthouse is open late that day and we will be able to do the transfer that day. I wont trade without going to the courthouse to do the paperwork, got burned a few years ago and wont go down that road again.
7. I'm sorry but you cant write me a check for $5000.00 extra and have me give the difference.
8. Yes you are correct those are not the factory windshield wiper arms, and there are a few other none factory items on the car.
9. No I cant trade it for a plasma TV and a PS3.
10. No I cant let you make payments each week.
11. Keep in mind, if you want to trade you cant have a lien on your car (yes guy with the Accord I am talking about you), if you owe taxes on ANY of the vehicles you own you will have to pay those taxes before they will transfer your car, their rules not mine ( yes guy with the Lexus I'm talking about you), you will have to show proof of insurance (Eclipse guy, you learned that last Friday didnt you).
12. No I wont trade you the Beetle and throw in any cash for your car, I have several offers now that I dont have to throw in any cash on.
13. Will I sell you the car ? Yes, the car has been appraised and is insured by Hagerty for $6500.00, I will take $4500.00 cash, I have already turned down $4000.00 so dont bother with the low balls.
14. No I wont trade it for you 73 Impala, even if it does have 22's and four tv screens.
15. Yes you are correct, a 58 should not have a split rear window, the previous owner grafted that in, he had a split dash as well but it never made it in the car.
16. To the gentleman from TN, when you called I told you $4500.00 and not a penny less, you drove all the way here and tried to get it for $4250.00, then you threw a hissy fit because I wouldnt take it, that was your fault not mine. Stop e-mailing me.
17. The greatest offer yet, No I will not trade you the car for a $1000.00 in gift cards to Best Buy and 50 pounds of frozen steaks........really ? come on.
After reading what I have written here , I sound like a total jerk, but I have had three weeks of people asking the weirdest questions ( how much will my insurance be ?, does the car have AC ?, would you trade it for a registered pitbull?), I wont waste your time please dont waste mine.

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