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I've been dating this girl for three months now and things are really cool, going good. We enjoy each others company, she's sexy, smart, giving, caring, good girl. Well yesterday we were talking about where we want this to go, and I'd like to make this a serious thing and felt that she did to, which she does. BUT, she dropped a bombshell on me. She said before we get serious there is something you should know. I was like "ok..." thinking that maybe she had a kid and didn't tell me or something (I was scared that she was going to say she had AIDS for a moment and considering we have had sex many times unprotected my heart raced, but that was just the fear of the unknown speaking). Then she say's "I'm a Satan worshiper. I belong to the church of Satan and this is my religion." I was totally DUMBFOUNDED!! WHAT? SATAN WORSHIPER!!!! Out of all the things I thought she could of said that was the LAST one I would of come up with. No wonder the sex was out of this world!!!!! She said that she didn't let me know in the beginning because its always been a problem with guys she's dated and that she really liked me. I was so freaked out that I just up and left, and she started crying saying this is what always happens, I grabbed her and hugged her and said I needed some time and left. I drove around for over an hour just freaking out over what she told me.

I'm totally frightened. I don't know what to do. Will I have to give my soul over to Satan? Can I be who I am (not religious by any means but believe in God) and still be with her? If I don't join the ranks of Satan and his Angels will our relationship fall apart because of our differnt beiefes? Should I be angry that she didn't tell me this from the beginning? I'm so confused right now. I really like this girl (falling in love really) and man, I don't want to loose her to Satan! What should I do?

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