Originally Posted: 2003-06-06 4:47am
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favorite this post re: Anglophile

>Have always loved the English...wish I were there.
>Why is there so little going on on your list?

Because it's full of fucking Americans.

Not that we have anything against fucking Americans, but you're not Londoners. 99% of you aren't even in this country, and you aren't contributing anything to the London list except messages asking if we want to get fucking American citizenship by marrying one of you, offering a quick soulless American fuck as you pass briefly through our city, or exhorting us to be grateful that you fucking Americans have given us such a lovely new playpen and telling us that we should play more in it.

Imagine if Craigs List Los Angeles was 95% French people posting "Bouf! LA! I lurve your sexy silicone fake women! I am having a stopover for four hours on my way to Hawaii and a blowjob would be really nice while I am in your sexy airport! Thanks! And thanks for Jerry Bruckheimer movies! They're so funny! We love them! And Miller Light too! But you should post more of your stylish Jerry Lewis humour, because vraiment the stuff you produce on your own is merde."

Not that a French person would ever drink Miller Light, but I think you get my meaning.

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