Originally Posted: 2003-03-05 8:58pm
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Is Anyone interested in buying my stinky athletic socks. I know it sounds kinda funny :) I play intramural frisbee football for my sorority twice a week. Maybe you want these. Even when I wash them they still have that sweet musky feet smell. My sisters tease me about it all the time. Infact, every week they take them and make one of our pledge sisters wear them...eww. They have been abused a lot by the sisters in my house. I'll seal them in a zip-lock for you and include a picture of my feet with the socks. I'll also give you a little note about how I slide into my little white socks before a game and how they get so sweaty and nasty at the end :) . I hope they will make someone happy :) I have to sell them for $25 each bcuz I need $100 for a lab fee by wedneday.

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