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favorite this post Leopard Print Arachnid Bar - Claim at your own peril...

Do you like mixing drinks for friends? Do you like spiders? If you answered yes to those questions, then this bar is for you! Behold this nifty leopard print bar, perfect for swingin' shindigs on your patio or in your home. The upholstery is in very good shape, the rest of the bar has seen better days. It's sort of home made, with wooden compartments in back with sliding doors. It has six 50's looking wooden/metal tipped legs that screw into the bottom. With a bit of work, she could be restored to her former glory. The top could use a new coat of One Shot, or better yet some Formica and aluminum edging.

"This is just what I've been looking for, but where do the spiders come in?", you say. Well, this has been sitting on my back patio for four years, we have a BIG spider problem, and some have undoubtedly taken up residence in the back compartments of this bar. You must remove them before carrying this through my house and out the front door. I will provide a broom for this purpose, which you must shake off very vigorously afterward. If you are bitten I will provide a Benedryl quick dissolving strip, bandage, Neosporin and access to my computer so you can determine which sort of spider you were bitten by and which anti-venom is necessary. I will not help you move, carry, or de-spider the bar in any way! This bar is heavy, at least two strong people are needed to carry it. You will need a truck too.

If you have an insect problem and were hoping to take the spiders and the bar, that's fine. But you'll need to bring a pulley system and lots of rope or 10 guys on steroids to hoist it over my back fence. Saturdays are good for me.

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