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favorite this post The Craig’s List M4M Dictionary:

Swimmer’s Build (AKA swimmers built ?!). Term used to describe the physique of someone who has probably never swam a lap in his life. Generally means “I’m not fat, but I’m not ripped and muscular, hmm, I must have a swimmer’s build."

Beefy (AKA Husky, Former High School Football Star): Fat ass. The prevalence of these people are the reason you can never find size 30 slacks in a department store.

Jock (AKA Joc). Someone who tries very hard to be manly but probably is deathly afraid of sports and anything physical outside of the Weho 24-Hour Steamroom. Most men who actually do play sports would refer to themselves as “Athletic”.

Str8 (AKA Stra8 and Str8 Acting) Man who lives in a parallel universe where jonesing for cock is not considered gay. “Pump my ass and work my dick boy, it’s cool because I’ve got a GF.” These people are a bane to those who are honest about their sexuality.

GF: A fictitious creature alleged to be had by many men in M4M. GF’s are most commonly known to be “asleep,” “shopping,” or “out of town.” Discussion of the GF is intended to bolster intrigue, as in “cool, this dude usually fucks chicks, but now he wants me” among gay men with low self-esteem.

8X5C: A circumcised penis that is 6 inches long and about 4 inches in circumference.

PNP (AKA Party and Play): Term used to describe the combination of a drug binge (usually meth or “T”) and sex. Emphasis is usually on the “party” as this is usually used as a low-grade form of prostitution, and participants usually will have a hard time performing sexually. Synonymous with transmission of sexual diseases.

Vers/Top: Person who wishes to convey the illusion that you will actually get yours without having to jack off on your own. May suck your dick poorly for about 30 seconds before becoming a greedy sex pig.

Married: Person who is intent on ruining not only his own life, but the life of a spouse and possible children through his patent dishonesty. So hot.

BB (AKA Bare Back, Raw): “I have diseases that will probably kill me and you”

Poz (AKA HIV+): Person who deserves a medal for being honest about his potential to transmit a dangerous virus and is generally looking to have sex with other Poz guys.

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