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Originally Posted: 2004-11-07 22:44

“I owe Craigslist my life!”

“I owe Craigslist my life!”

As crazy as this sounds, my husband has built his life through Craigslist. He moved to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago from New Zealand (Why? I wonder the same thing…). When he came to America, in pursuit of the America Dream, he was broke and homeless. One auspicious day, a stranger let him in on a little secret -Craigslist! Thus began his new life…

Through his animal instincts, he first used Craigslist to find shelter. After finding the perfect Hollywood apartment, he needed money (being an immigrant, the landlady wanted a $5000 deposit). Naturally, he searched the jobs section of Craigslist. Unfortunately, after trying to complete the jobs, he was still a couple thousand dollars short. Again, he went to Craigslist for help.

Even though the apartment wasn’t his yet, he decided to advertise for roommates on Craigslist and use their first month’s rent for the rest of the deposit. When potential roommates came to see the place, he described it to them from the sidewalk outside of the apartment complex. Amazingly enough, he was able to find enough people and turn the apartment into a backpackers hostel.

Now, it was time for a career… He started a moving company by advertising ONLY on Craigslist. (FYI, the company is doing very well through repeat Hollywood customers and of course -Craigslist.) Once getting his territory secure, he kicked out all the foreign roommates and began to search Craigslist for long-term inhabitants…

Many people came to view the apartment through Craigslist, including me! I got the room but after complications –luckily- did not move in. However, did marry him nine months later (bet you didn’t see that coming).

New Years 2003, he wanted to meet a friend in Vegas. From many pervious nights of exploring Craigslist, he knew that ridesharing was a normal occurrence. He found another poor fellow on Craigslist who was willing to split the car rental and gas with him. Thus began their friendship…

Finally, being an immigrant, we had to fill out sponsorship paperwork. I am a recent college grad (GO TROJANS) and did not make enough money last year to qualify as a sole sponsor. We needed a joint sponsor… I couldn’t ask my parents since they don’t know we’re married (it’s a long story) therefore, as expected, he turned to Craigslist. Fortunately, a friendship was made and we had a joint sponsor.

Thank You Craigslist!!

P.S. Our wedding (not through Craigslist) was so horrible that I decided to start my own wedding company, which will, obviously, be advertised on Craigslist (in a few months).

this is in or around Los Angeles

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