Originally Posted: 2014-05-18 10:01 (no longer live)

Napper on my porch - m4m

I heard a late night kick on my doors and went to look and there you were, passed out drunk after pride festival day1. I went out to investigate and it was like God pulled your mouth open like a Pez dispenser and filled you with Long Island ITs and tequila shots, then dropped you on my porch. I really wanted to talk to you but you seemed shy. Shy or stuck up, not sure which since you wouldn't even react when I pulled your hair or poked you with my BBQ prod. If you happen to see this and remember passing out cold on my porch last night, please feel free to message me if you felt something too. Just tell me what your ankles smell like now. I spent an hour rubbing coconut oil on your hairless, yellow lower calves and ankle. Oh shit, I just gave it away. Anyways, describe what you were wearing and then I'll know it was you.

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