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Poem you wrote me - w4m

I found it this morning on a pink sticky note. I saw you leave it, but was too shy to approach you. It read:

You hit my
car asshole
BMW that was
parked behind
you, got your
license plate #

It is a lovely composition, but one thing left me a bit confused: I didn't realize cars had assholes too! Where exactly is the asshole on the car? You may be thinking "you know where the asshole is because you hit it!" But you are mistaken because I did no such thing.

Did you perhaps make a mistake and you meant to write CAT asshole? Cats have assholes (mine proudly shows me hers all the time), and I mix up "cat" and "car" frequently since T and R are next to each other on the keyboard. However, I don't think I hit your cat asshole either because I love cats, assholes and all, and would never do that.

Oh, oh! Perhaps you missed a comma. Yes, yes, this seems likely, as angry, boorish jerks tend to do this. That wasn't very nice of you to call ME an asshole!

Also, I definitely didn't hit your car. Good luck with that.

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