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Originally Posted: 2004-05-18 11:49

Baby has to go - got bird

Free Baby to a Good Home
We just got a new bird so the baby has to go. Two year old female, answers to the name, Chelsea. She is good around other kids, doesn't scream too much, mostly potty-trained & weaned. She has all of her shots and is free to a good home. She likes men and women and will go to both. Limited vocab, but can say a few words. Good eater, enjoys a varied diet. Believe me, we hate to get rid of her, but we are afraid she might hurt the new bird, and we couldn't let that happen. What if the baby smothered the bird trying to hold it? Worse, licking food out of the birds mouth or eating out of it's dish? What if she bit the bird!! We really cannot take that chance. I know it's possible to raise a baby and a bird together, you just have to watch them real carefully, but the whole idea just scares me. We just can't take any chances. A bird could catch a disease from a baby! I mean, without that diaper, they tend to poop anywhere they want to. That is so nsanitary! What if the bird got salmonella or E.Coli from eating the babies droppings? YUK!! Babies can be sooo messy, you know how they fling their food all over the place. I don't want my bird eating the baby food off the floor!! What really worries me is when babies get older, about 13, they tend to get really hormonal and very tempermental. They can be a real handful and are very hard to read. It's possible to live with a hormonal 13 year old, but very tricky. Unless you lock them up they try to have sex with the neighbor kid, or worse, they get preggers themselves! Then you have another baby to tend with. You can't even get them fixed like you can a dog or a cat. This is another reason we don't feel up to the ownership issues. So I am trying to find a good home for her. I hate to take her to a shelter, but it may be my only option. My husband is really putting the pressure on me. So if you are interested and you think you can give her a good home, or know of someone who would, please drop me a line.

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