Originally Posted: 2004-03-17 12:41pm
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favorite this post will pay for ticket or trade sex for a strokes pit ticket hide this posting unhide

Do you have an extra pit ticket for the Strokes/Sounds at Universal Ampitheater?

I would prefer to buy your extra, but I am willing to trade sex for an extra pit ticket, so please contact me asap!

Please note that I do not engage in pre-marital sex, so we would have to get married first.

And once we get married, everything you own is one-half mine because California is a community property state.

Based on the superficial reasons for our getting married in the first place, I am guessing we would probably quickly get divorced, at which time you would have to GIVE me one of your two Strokes pit tickets as part of our divorce settlement.

So why not just skip the hassle and save the money and just SELL me your extra pit ticket right now? We could even remain friends afterwards.


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