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favorite this post Please do not post on this board...

...If you are:

-- Severely or mildly allergic to animals and are looking for someone to help take your pets.

As we point out time and time again, there is NEVER any excuse for giving up your pets. EVER. So what if you are pregnant and taking shots could harm your fetus? It's just selfish of you. The animals come first.

-- Having problems finding housing and are looking for someone to help take your pets.

As we on this board are always saying, it is ALWAYS extremely selfish of you to put you or your family before your pets. If you can't afford an extra $200,000 to spend on a yard in the L.A. market, you aren't the kind of person who deserves to be a pet owner. If you're looking for a better place to live so your own kids can be in a good school district but can't afford or find a place that is pet-friendly, shame on you. Your kids can fend for themselves. Your pets can't. The animals always come first, because they are helpless.

--Having money problems and need a little help.

Sorry, as we on this board have made clear time and time again, the only people who should have the right and privilege to own pets are those who are very well off financially. Period. No excuses, no emergencies, no unplanned problems. So what if your landlord is about to evict you because your toddler was in the hospital for two weeks and you had to choose between antibiotics and your rent? Asking for help or free handouts for your pet is selfish. If you're not prepared to live in your car with your pet when things get rough, you're a bad pet owner and don't deserve our help.

-- If you're looking for a better home for your pet because your significant other is having problems with him or her.

Ha! Your relationship is doomed. You'll be divorced soon, or your SO will be having an affair, and you'll never, ever, ever be happy as a couple. That's because all significant others who claim to have problems with your pet are liars and worse. There's never, ever, EVER any valid reasons for them to want your pet out of their house. They were mauled by dogs as a child and are still a little scared around them? Tough. Time to grown up and face reality. Severe shock to allergy shots, or an extreme fear of needles? Tough. It's all in their head. Afraid that anti-allergy medication will interfere with other medications they're taking while trying to get pregnant? We on this board don't have medical degrees to know for sure, but it just seems like lies and excuses. A person who's not willing to put up with any and all issues brought on by your pet is just a bad, selfish person.

--Leaving for college soon and want to find another home for your pet.

Trying to get a college education for yourself is simply SELFISH. You got this cat when you were 7, and now you have to deal with the consequences forever. So what if your single-parent mother died last summer? So what if there's no one in your family who can help out? We certainly won't help or support you. You should consider a two-year community college, something where you're not required to live on campus housing and forbidden to have pets. The pets come first. You are selfish to put them second.

--Working so much you can't be home and want to find another home for your pet.

As several people on this board have pointed out, THEY changed their lifestyle to accomodate their pets when times got hard, and YOU HAVE TO AS WELL. So what if you're working two jobs to support your kids and can't afford after-school tutoring for them, much less a dog walker for your schnauzer? You obviously have to stop working day and night, go on welfare, and spend a little quality time with the dog. That's where your priorities should be. On the pet, first and foremost.


This is primrily a forum for finding cute and fluffy sweaters for your dogs, and warning each other about BAD BACKYARD BREEDERS every fifteen seconds, and advertising for the same dog walking services over and over again every fifteen seconds, and attacking each and every poor soul who comes here for help. We're really, really great at that.

In summary, CraigsList is only for TRUE pet lovers. Just save yourself and us the trouble and take your pet directly to the shelter, because it's certainly better for them to euthanize your pet a few days from now than for you to trick yourself into thinking that this pet forum is a place for you to get some real help or compassion, or to find a caring or loving home.

It's not really a community here, it's just the moral high ground.


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