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favorite this post Celebrity Furniture - Tables, Chairs, Desk - PIX!!

Have you always wanted to be a celebrity? Well, now you can play one in your own home. Recreate classic moments of cinematic history with these celebrity furnishings.

Remember how heartbreaking Marlon Brando was behind the desk in The Godfather 3 when he says, "I coulda been the contender"? You can be that contender yourself, because we've got the desk. Sure the original lacquer has been removed along with the drawers, but the desk is unmistakeable. Take a look:


On weekends, this desk sells for over $5,000, but during our work-week sales event, the price is a more manageable $25. So hurry and act now, before the horse hooves start showing up in your bedsheets!

Perhaps, you're a romantic at heart... Then you'll surely remember this table from that sexy scene in 9 1/2 weeks, when Mickey Mantle feeds Kim Bassinger the food from the fridge. It was in the background, while things were heating up by the icebox.


Perfect for a sexy couple who loves to act. And if the grocer's strike has left your fridge empty, why don't you rewrite the scene, and have them play a steamy round of pictionary? This table can stand up to the firm depression of a pencil. Originally, $4599.99, we're knocking it down to 10% or $45.99. That price can't be beat, or as Kim Bassinger would say, "I won at Bingo tonight, Rabbit."

For you music buffs, we've got a real treat. Remember Janet Jackson's revolutionary dance sequence from the Miss You Much video, where she dances with chairs? It will be hard for your guests to forget when those chairs are thrust before their jealous gaze. They have been reupholstered, and reframed, but the spirit of her glorious booty-shaking cannot be destroyed.


I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, but I am for real gonna sell these at discount rates. $5 each chair. Alright?

SOLD! Like Vanessa Williams (with the singing career) always says, "You need to save your best stuff for the end." And we did. Who can forget the poignant moment in The Dead Writers' Society when comic relief Robin Williams (no relation) is given his walking papers and one of his students who didn't kill himself stands on his wicker end table and says, "Oh captain, my captain"? Nobody can. However, in the emotion of the moment, many mistake his wicker end table for a desk. Not us. And when we saw this wicker end table on the curb in front of David O. Selznick's apartment, we recognized it for the goldmine it is. Would you?


In any case, we are willing to part with this piece of living history for a paltry $10. Even a writer could afford that sum. Are there any writers in this town? Maybe you could write that winning screenplay standing on top of it?

Phew, I hesitate to post this for fear of overfilling my inbox, but we gotta move this stuff to make way for all the new merchandise. Theresa Teaser: Can anyone guess who's got a recently beatified ottoman? Keep checking for more details in the coming weeks.

For now, give us a call or an email and we'll be happy to arrange a private meeting in our showrooms.

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