Originally Posted: 2003-07-23 11:25

favorite this post Has this become the men seeking women personals?

anyone noticed in the last month or so, almost every ad on the activity partner list is a guy or guys seeking girls only for activity?

give it up guys, you're not fooling anyone with that- put that shit in the personals section, where you can voice your true intentions. there's no way y'all are getting responses to those ads.

but hey, that's the trend, why fight it? i guess i'll try:

hey there- just looking for a fun female to just catch a movie with. female preferred. please be f.

oh, and single. not that this is a date- just need a cool chick to see a movie with. no diseases please. prefer sluts. but it's just a movie.

i'll even buy the popcorn and coke! hey what's that over there?! (insert roofie into coke while she looks.) huh, coulda sworn i saw something. never mind.

oh don't wear underwear. it's uncomfortable in a theater. maybe we can grab some dinner afterwards. i know this great little place- 1860 N. Orange, Apt. 45. heard of it? yeah it's new, you'll like it. hey, i'll buy.

FEMALES ONLY!!! NO GUYS!!! uh... cause... it's a chick flick, and guys wouldn't like it. yeah, i'm just the sensitive type, i guess. that's why CHICKS (NOT dudes) dig me. that and the roofies.

anyway, write back if interested. no fatties. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A C CUP OR BIGGER DON'T WRITE BACK!! modeling experience preferred.

But don't get the wrong idea, this is just a movie, totally a friend thing, we'll just hang. hey if something happens or there's some chemistry there (or i date rape you) that's totally cool, but not expected (except the date rape part, that's a guarantee)

write soon, i'm naked!! uh... naked with... desire to see a movie. thanks!

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