Originally Posted: 2003-04-30 4:32pm
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A stroke of genius hit me early in the morning. You see, I have a dog. This dog is male. This dog is very horny. Consequently this dog has a booty call plush toy. This dog has violated this plush toy so much that i have taken it away from the requests of my neighbors that say he makes a lot of noise. This plush toy, the donky Eeyore from winnie the pooh, now sits in my closet. Now, when I have freinds come over and business associates, this plush toy is given back to the dog to provide usually 5 minutes of comedic entertainment. Now here is where genius struck me. I hate my brother. He is a vain, prissy, aspiring actor with more brown nosing skills than waiter jobs. Yesterday he borrowed my car without asking and left me stranded the whole day. This morning, I affixed a headshot of his to little Eeyore, and proceeded to video tape my dog making passionate grunting love to his face. That tape is now in the mail on its way to cindy, the girl he just started dating.

Revenge is sweet.

If you'd like assistance in embarrasing or scandalizing, email me. 5 bucks and a headshot can get you a canine orgy with the picture of your choice.

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