Originally Posted: 2003-04-14 5:22am

favorite this post 1 Pack Mule...good shape. Comes with large floppy hat...

Maybelle, my pack mule has alot of 'kick ' left in here...I love that one! ZING!! But seriously folks she needs to go. I got a place in Bocca that just went condo and my knees are NOT what they used ta be. She has years of trail and highway expirence. As I mentioned she WILL come with a large Floppy woman's hat with holes cut for her ears. Some where along the way the hat got a large plastic flower stuck on to it.

Anyhow I guess the only two things I should mention is that she has an allergy to tin. So any canteens you pack onto her with the rest of your prospector / mineing / crazy desert guy supplies MUST be plastic. And i would be a little less than honest if i ddnt mention the smell. Its powerful awful. But if your packing her into the sierras lookin for gold I guess you could do like they do in paper mill towns and tell your self it smells just like money...i guess you could do that... and drink Jug whiskey all day long.

So come on and get yer pack Mule at this close out price!

Serious offers Please. No Freaks. I won't mention what this one fell'er from barstow wanted to do with her...

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