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Originally Posted: 2015-11-12 13:12

Sofa Sleeper Couch Looking For A New Best Friend

Sofa Sleeper Couch Looking For A New Best Friend

Hey there... so yeah, my worst fears have been realized. I was kicked out by my best friend this weekend. Him and his girlfriend are moving in together. He broke the news to me over the weekend. She couldn't "bear to part with her couch", so I'm the one that has to move out. I KNEW she felt threatened by me... I could tell the first time she sat on me. So, I'm looking for a new room mate and potential best friend... someone that appreciates what I have to offer and won't drop me just because their girl tells them to. Honestly, I'm a chick magnet... girls love me! Probably why she felt threatened by me, you know? We had some really good times... and I was always there for him when he was too tired to stumble upstairs. Guess I'm still in shock... I never dreamed this would happen.

So a little about me... I was separated from my parents when I was very young. My mother was a Queen (bed) and very highly respected. My father, however, was a common sectional couch and their relationship was looked upon as taboo in those days. When the Queen produced a sofa sleeper, I was quickly taken away and placed for adoption, as to not bring further shame to the kingdom. That's how I came to meet my best friend... he took me in and we formed a bond... a bond I never thought would break. We partied, we watched tv together... I even went to Rockfest with him one year and crowd-surfed! It was amazing!

So that's pretty much my story in a nutshell. Really hoping to find a new home soon. I adapt easily... I'm good in guest bedrooms, man caves... heck, even a garage would be cool! Think of the good times we could have together. I promise I'll provide you with lots of good memories and restful sleep! You can e-mail, call or text me. I'm around during the day from 8am until 4pm Monday thru Friday. I'm anxiously waiting to hear from you and get this party started, my friend! Remember, it's first come first serve... whoever gets here first is my new best friend! I'm not waiting around...

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