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Trade Cockatiel for Wedding Ring

Want to trade adorable bird for wedding ring.

I purchased this cockatiel for my girlfriend on Valentines Day 2008. It turns out that cockatiels are great pets except for the constant shedding, pooping, screaming and absolute lack of affection for its owners. Harrington is the bird's name and he would like to come live with you, however, my girlfriend has formed an attachment to this animal. Apparently, she thinks it is cute when he buzzes by our heads at 100mph or screams as loud as he can while we try to take a mid afternoon, Sunday nap.

Some of his other great qualities include:
1. Chasing the dog. Jaxson is our dog's name. She leaves the room at the first notion that Harrington is free from his cage. The bird weighs a few ounces and the dog 75lbs but Harrington rules the roost, so to speak.
2. Watching TV. Harrington loves CNN - something about political talk on TV really gets Harrington going. I prayed he would rupture his vocal cords during the 24hour coverage of the 2008 presidential election.
3. Total independence. Harrington's wings have grown out since we got him in Feb. 2008. He can fly, fast. He doesn't want to be handled, touched, or even looked at. He has a tendency to hiss just before he bites, so in his defense, we are given some warning.

My girlfriend loves animals! All animals! Unfortunately, she has created an unexplainable bond with this bird. If it were up to me, I would set him free but I fear I would be set free as well. I think the sting of loosing her bird would be lessened if I had a wedding ring to replace him with.

I would like to trade this wonderful pet (cage and all his paraphernalia included) for a wedding ring. The ideal candidate would be a deaf woman who recently broke off her engagement and is looking for a hands-off companion. If you know someone, please pass along this posting.

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