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Stop and wonder; rest and behold the thai dancer of masculinity. Look into his eyes. He is the one you've been waiting for, the one you know has been missing from your life since you lost your innocence as a child.

He will restore you. He will heal you. He will look into your soul and assuage that pain.

Stop and wonder. Behold how he is smiling upon you.

Behold his posterior, slightly too wide for a man's, with a dress that says "Yes, I'm so comfortable with my masculinity that I can make this dress masculine as a dinosaur with a chainsaw."

He sometimes wears his yellow scarf as a sign of his royalty. He dances, yes, because he is the Master of the Dance, the Master of the Dance of Yellow Man who Smiles Upon You.

He is the Thai Dancer of Masculinity.

Stop. Wonder. Behold.

He has healed me; the dark passenger that rode along with me for so long, dragging me down into the pit of iniquity, is now dispersed, having been united with the Light that Lives in Us All, in a Jungian process of becoming Whole.

I now pass Him along to another, as He has requested.

He is now yours. He is calling for you. He must be about His Father's business.

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