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In most any circumstance, when I come across an outlandish spewing of rigid opinions presented as absolute facts, I merely roll my eyes and dismiss it. This is incredibly common. However, it seems I’ve had the misfortune of missing the diatribes earlier this week on ‘abnormal sex’ and the ad hominems that followed.

Since it seems popular to decide that anyone taking a position on this issue must also fall into an easily labeled stereotype, perhaps it would be best to skip a few posts/labels and proffer some information: I am a straight Caucasian male. I have written three extensive papers on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and the many anti-same-sex marriage policies it has inspired throughout our country in all levels of government and society; two of which are being prepped for publishing. I was introduced to serious sexual study by a former Professor who is an ordained Reverend and earned his PhD in Sexual Ethics of Christianity (or possibly Catholicism). I have lectured and tutored at Cornell in Human Sexuality and Sexual Ethics – which is also to state that I have led a very active and varied sex life. My meaning is not to enter this fray and stomp on anyone, but rather to attempt to educate and/or inject some truths into many of the common myths I’ve seen argued in this thread. I’m not going to try to put a whole semester’s worth of information in just one post, but I’ll loosely try to cover some basics.

‘Abnormal Sex’

Sodomy is as misunderstood as it is misapplied largely due to expressions of male homophobia. Contrary to common belief, sodomy is not at all limited to anal penetration; even if that seems to be the focus of almost all anti-homosexual rhetoric. Sodomy is almost any sort of sexual activity that isn’t penile-vaginal. Your ex-gf ever give you a blow-job? Ever lick a clit? Ever tried heterosexual anal sex? When you were little, did you think the Daisy Duck with the ‘come fuck me’ look was kinda hot? All of them are sodomy. Yep… bestiality, too, is sodomy.

Since someone out there is going to be tempted to break out Genesis 18-20, allow me to do it first: sodomy is derived from the Ecclesiastical Latin term ‘peccatum Sodomiticum’, the ‘sin of Sodom’. However, this association is based on what theologians and sexologists both deem sexual depravity; which is not, by any stretch of the imagination, limited to male homosexual sex. But this leads nicely into the next point…

‘Sex for Procreation / Religious Purpose of Sex’

Immanuel Kant, Sir Thomas Moore, Jerry Falwell, ….and quite a host of others have gotten this message all kinds of wrong. And to an extent, this was understandable. Up until the discovery of the X and Y genes, it was scientifically believed (largely based on theological influence) that ejaculate contained a very tiny man that would grow in a woman’s womb – and that it was a fault of care by the pregnant woman if she should deliver a girl, as she must have damaged the baby while carrying it. As our consciences were informed by our philosophical and spiritual leadership throughout Western civilization for thousands of years, it is difficult to let go of the ‘immorality’ of ‘wasting sperm’. Of those that rigidly take the stance of sexual behavior being for procreation and thus, homosexuality or casual sex wholly immoral – only Kant makes an allowance for ejaculation absent an attempt for pregnancy: nocturnal emissions. Wet dreams aren’t murder.

More to the point, though - only rigidly fundamentalist Christians (that haven’t been caught paying male prostitutes for homosexual sex) loudly claim that sex is strictly for procreation. Not even radical Muslims nor even Hasidic Jews make such a claim. The most God-fearing Catholic Cardinals don’t say this either (another popular myth) – and for good reason:

The Song of Solomon, the Song of Songs…. often theologically interpreted as an allegorical representation, it is also an eloquently GRAPHIC exchange between a man and a woman wherein the woman asks the man to give her oral sex until she climaxes on his face, and then he is to ride off, still smelling of her. Go ahead – draw out the visuals the song describes, line by line, on a piece of paper. Not so much as one word about procreation. And the Cardinals attending the Muratorian Canon (where the Holy Bible was put together) and Council of Laodicea in 363A.D. agreed. Sex was also pleasurable – and one could cultivate a virtuous and spiritual existence by recognizing it. The Council of Hippo (A.D. 393) and the Council of Carthage (A.D. 397) also both affirmed these findings and left the Song of Songs in the Bible.

And yes, it was mentioned that it encourages what was earlier deemed to be ‘sexual deviance’ in Genesis… at all three Councils. A little tidbit homophobes have overlooked when writing anti-sodomy laws.

Buddhists, Shinto’s, Zen, Confucius’… all major religions and philosophies in the world since the written word have acknowledged that sex is pleasurable and, exercised within certain perimeters, is healthy for the moral and spiritual being of a person even when not for procreation.

‘Sexual Depravity and Abnormal Sex’

So what is sexual depravity and/or abnormal sex? First, you should dispel the notion that the two are in any way connected. Abnormal sex is a useless term altogether. Since the dawn of time, human beings around the world have studied and experimented and educated others in sexuality – publicly shunned and privately praised. There’s nothing you’ve ever thought of doing, or seen or even heard about doing that wasn’t done thousands of years ago and likely published.

The Kama Sutra was originally compiled in the 2nd century and contains over 1200 verses in 36 chapters. Ancient Egyptians prayed to different gods and goddesses each with a minor attribute of sexuality. In both the Roman and Greek Empires, people would pay to have sex with the priest or priestess (homosexual or heterosexual sex) in order to commune with the gods. In Shinto (Japanese religion), sex is seen as a pleasurable way to display affection as well as to create children.

But here’s the most important societal truth to walk away with: the most successful tester and determining factor for technological advancements throughout human history? Human sexuality. If there’s a new technology to communicate ideas or thoughts, sexual study or expression is the first to test it on a mass scale.

Largest industry on the Internet? Online Porn.
HDDVD or Blu-Ray? Porn studios/publishers
BETAMAX or VHS? Porn studios.
Word Processors, Type-writers, the printing press and type-block print? Erotica pamphlets and literature.

So – what is sexual depravity then? Sexual depravity can be the denial of sexual identity or expression; because we are all sexual beings, biologically created to want and desire sexual gratification as well as procreate. Subconsciously affected by pheromones, dopamine, oxytocin, and a host of other chemicals we send to one another in our constant bid for sex. The vast preponderance of scientific evidence supports what I believe is common sense – you have very little control over who you’re attracted to or why on a primal level because you are genetically wired to be that way.

The other two forms of sexual depravity are inter-related because they both revolve around the sexual objectification of others. The first is direct objectification. It’s leading someone on for self-gratification only or treating someone as a sexual object without mutual acknowledgment and consideration. It’s a cheating wife or a boyfriend that withholds sex for control. It’s also an emotional affair. But most importantly – it is treating your sexuality as private, instead of personal…. it’s locking your bedroom door instead of just closing it. When everyone else is locked out of your sexual expression and ideas, it opens the path to objectification. This leads us to the last form of sexual depravity: the people that objectify the sexuality or sexual identity of strangers for their own indignant gratification.

In short – if it’s not affecting you or the people you are responsible to, IT’S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, PERVERT.

For the three of you that actually read all of this – have a good Sunday.

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