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Gravely Dog Eater Snowblower Attachment

Used Gravely dog eater snowblower attachment for sale. This is just the attachment, you'll need your own Gravely.

This is a two-stage blower. That means that there are augers that grab snow, ice, pets, twigs and garden hoses into the maw of the machine. The augers spin just fast enough for you to see what is happening, and too fast to do much about it. Then there is a high-speed impeller inside. The impeller chops, slices, dices, purifies, blends, purees and blows it out the top at what seems supersonic velocity. If you get in the blast, and assuming you can keep your balance you will look like the abominable snowman, covered head to toe in a layer of quickly-freezing snow crystals.

In working condition. Needs paint to be perfect. Easy to maintain. (Yes, an item that gets maintained. Who'da thunk?) There is a grease fitting at the collar and the gearbox is kept filled with 90 weight gear oil. (It does not leak.)

90 weight. Now there is a manly lubricant viscosity. Not like some 0 weight oil-taking Prius, driven to Whole Foods. (Ever driven a Prius in the snow? You'll need this dogeater to carve you a path to safety.)

Very early model with the curved brackets for the swivel wheels. Extremely desirable, extremely dangerous. Use at your own risk. This snowblower is so tough, it does not even need a 'Semper Fi' decal. Rambo might be able to take on the Russian army single-handed, but we have never seen him attempt to wrangle a dogeater.

This is the snow blower that people who blow snow dream about. It will send a column of snow up into the air, across the street and into the middle of your neighbor's front yard. The plume of snow is manly, clear-the-Rockies-so-the-train-can-get-through strong, not puny like your neighbor's snow diddler that looks like a baby spitting up.

Have a problem with a not-so-stray cat coming over to your property? This unit will send that feline right back into its own yard.

This snow blower has little in the way of safety features compared to the units produced today. The auger is exposed. That's why it is called a 'dogeater'. Deal with it - this is the way things were made in the 60s - I'll bet Chuck Norris worked on the assembly line.

Do not use a dog eater unless you are confident in your abilities. But if you do, children will cheer, women will weep and men will envy you.

Would you like to see a dogeater in action? Of course you would. OSHA or Consumer Reports, not so much. Here's a YouTube video I found. This is not me, it's someone else's dogeater. Someone else who belongs to the Super Secret Elite Manly Gravely Brotherhood Guild: https://youtu.be/L5sE40CvsFY

The only thing this snow blower does not have is a laser beam. I guess you could just strap a laser beam to your head. But why bother? The dogeater will chew its way through any obstacle all by itself.

Have you ever spent hours shoveling your driveway by hand, only to have the Town snowplow a five-foot high wall of frozen slush right across, sealing you in? If this thing can eat dogs, think of what it does to that solid ice wall. It spits on it. It's got your ice wall, right here. Not only will it chew through it, but it will send the pieces right across the street to entomb your neighbor's car. Yep, that neighbor. The one who borrowed your chain saw and returned it with a bent bar and burnt chain. You know who I'm talking about.

'Hey', you might wonder, 'if this thing is so good, why are you selling it'? Well, it's because I found an even bigger snowblower attachment for my Gravely. It's called a 'snow cannon'.

Don't even get me started on that one.

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