Originally Posted: 2007-06-18 11:39pm
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I was in the window seat at Union Station. You were leering. I was pretending to be incredibly interested in any number of the following things:

1. The trains coming in.
2. My cell phone.
3. The schedule changing.
4. My cell phone.
5. The granite underneath me.
6. My cell phone.
7. The contents of my purse.
8. My cell phone.
9. The cars parked outside the window.
10. My cell phone.

At least 15 minutes passed like this. By this point, anyone equipped with a brain would have realized that I was not interested in your scuzzy, leering ass. Not you. You were so enchanted with my deliberate attempts to indicate my disinterest -- and, apparently my sandals -- that you decided to persist. The conversation went something like this:

You: "I like your shoes"
Me: (Weak, obviously forced wince of a smile)
You: "I like your shoes"
Me: (Staring at cell phone, debating getting up, hoping that you will get the hint)
You: "Excuse me."
Me: (Dirty look)
You: "I like your shoes"
Me: "Uh, thanks" (Stares at cell phone again)
You: "What happened to your foot?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
You: "What happened to your foot?
Me: (Racks brain on what the fuck did happen to my foot -- I am accident prone)
You: "Your foot. I thought your boyfriend maybe foot fetished you"
Me: (Stares at cell phone while deciding how to proceed; also wondering when 'to foot fetish' became a verb)
You: (Shit eating grin)
Me: (Decides that if you're going to talk to me like you know me, I'm going to bitch you out like I know you)
You: (Shit-eating grin combined with blank stare)
Me: "You know what?! Fuck you. Don't talk to me about my foot. Don't fucking talk to me about anything personal like that. It's fucking rude."
You: (Shit-eating grin)
Me, my legs, my sandals, and yes, my mosquito-bitten right foot: (Stalks off)

I accept that it's the summer (aka perv season), and I accept the fact that living in a city, I will get some "hey baby's". That's just the way it goes. But you crossed from the realm of the laughably lame to the outlandishly inappropriate. And for that, I should have bitched you out a lot more.

So if you'd like to hear some more choice words and possibly even have me mace your leering, foot-fetishing, inappropriate-come-on-making, shit-eating-grinning sorry ass sometime, drop me a line.

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