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Thumb tack "Push Pin" Wonderful Item !!! $0.32

I have a really great pushpin for sale. It is blue. Has very little use, and still is somewhat sharp. There is however, a slight bend in the steel shaft. With the proper tools, this could easily be corrected. Very mentionable, despite the minor imperfections of this finely formed blue pushpin, is that it dates to circa 1992'. Where were you durring that year? This pin could really bring some wonderful old memories to light. But if your memories for 1992 were not pleasant, I would say, that is not to worry about, as this pushpin is only appraised and suspected, as circa 1992. So, technicly, this pushpin is a great party starter for any alumni event, or memorial circa 1992. Sure to be a real conversation getter.

The push pin will be carefully packaged in a clear sandwich bag, for protection durring transit, or for display as is. The sandwich bag, while not as special as the pin itself, is also very collectable, and dates to the summer of 2008. For many of us, this was a summer of love. Another clever and noteworthy fact about this pin, is that it was purchased in the state of Florida. and brought to NY by car in 1998-99. Also this pin may have originated from as far away as hong kong or taiwan, so this pin has some serous history, and mileage, by car, and possibly trucks, planes, and boats. How's that for a pushpin's history ??!!

The asking price of .32 cents may at first seem high, but is just the asking price, and also a very special and unique item. Ask yourself deeply within what this gently used pushpin could mean to your collection, before haggling price. However cash talks.

The pictures provided are of the actual pin, and are not studio portraits or some random stock photos. Please notice how photogenic this pin is, even with a simple homeowners camera. It also mentionably, as seen in the pics, seems to take on different personalities in different lighting. In the last picture, the pin is shown situated in a cork memo board to show it's functionality and many years of continued function.

The other pins in the photo are not for sale at this time, however the USPS stamp is. We are presently accepting offers for it. Notice how unobtrusive this pin is , and blends well with other pins on the board. We have two blue ones, so naturally this was our first choice for thinning the collection, and extra cash durring these unique times.

Please contact us to scedule an appropriate time to view this fine push pin. If it seems we've made any error in describing the push pin, or you feel you can help us to better describe this wonderful item, please don't hesitate to assist. We have described this item as honestly and acurately as we can. we are not professional collectors, but have collected many similar items for years, and this one has brought us much joy, as we are certain it will to you and your family. www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi3aLxg2shE

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