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Originally Posted: 2006-10-09 21:25

a rant from your mechanic

ok here goes.1st, yes there are some nice curtious people out there. but they are few and far here are some thoughts from the people most of you consider low life, bottom feeding, trailer park, grease monkeys. and these are from my personal exsperiances over the last 15 years.

#1 to the parents..whne you bring your mini van in for its 1st oil change at 3000 miles, and the inside reaks so bad from all the milk shakes spilled down the dash,door panels and carpet that has now spoiled combined with the ground in cheese burger happy meals in the carpet after being baked in the hot summer sun for several weeks. dont be pissed when i refuse to drive it because the smell almost made me loose my lunch and require you to have it detailed before i will touch it.
after all.........why should i even need to tell you this.if it was my wife that did that to my new car. i would sell it and she could ride the fucking bus!!

#2. to the red neck that decieded to use his pasenger side of his geo storm for his spit cup (dash,seat,door panel,and the floor). wtf were you thinking!!!
and why on gods green earth would you think me or anyone else would crawl under your dash in all that nasty ass shit to fix your blower motor so you can have ac!! personaly i want to know if you would do it? and its your spit!!

#3. to those with toddlers.if you brat slings milk from the bottle all over the back seat spoils!!! and you can smell it in the front! doesnt help to shove your shitty and piss filled diapers in the rear door panels!!

#4 to the guy with mold and fungus growing in the carpet. the smell should of been the clue. however.. the mold and shit does give the visual. clean that shit up!!! wtf is wrong with you? haw does your underwear look fucker???

#5 to the stupid ass insurance adjusters. if there is a hole in the block and a rod is hanging out....its safe to say it has a broken rod, and the oil pan doesnt have to be removed to see why...the fucking rod is broke and the block is shot!!!

#6 to the lady that wants to play the race card..i dont care what color you are, i dont care if your edjucated, and i dont care if your a woman. just because i fixed your engine doesnt mean its my fault you trans went out! woman or not!!!

#7 to all the workers at nasa. just because you work there doesnt mean you are THE rocket scientist!! someone has to clean the shiter! and my gues would be the one driving the pontiac!!so dont be pissed because i am not purfect and didnt fix your car right the 1st time. after all, didnt the shuttle blow up 2 times?????so far!!!at least my fuck up didnt kill the whole crew!

#8 to all the doctors that think they are far superior to normal people. just keep in mind that you had to study the human body, its been the same sense the 1st man thousands of years ago. and you still fuck up.. i deal with a car that changes almost every year. so when we cant find your squeek or rattle that only happens when your doing 70 and changing lanes please understand that i cand drive the car at 70,change lanes,and be underneath your car to see wtf it is all at the same time... but im doing my best. and the good thing wont kill you!!!

#9 to those of you that have or want a convertable.. dont bitch because of the wind noise, road noise, water leaks, and rattles. your basicaly covering your investment with a fucking paper plate!!!! its suposed to be like that idiot!! i cant fix your bad decision!!

and heres some tips on buying your new car..
1 is it a peice of shit? google it and find out!

2 when you look at the engine.. can you see it? if not. its gonna cost you dearly to have it fixed. so dont be mad at me.

3 if you buy a full size truck with a v6 dont be mad because it has no power. again i cant fix your bad decision!

4 if your weigh 400 plus pounds, the cute geo metro is NOT the car for you. dont be mad because it pulls to the left. you have exceeded the weight limit on that side of the car!!!

5 if it sucks to get in and out of that new shinny car... it will always suck to get in and out of it, and more so on your bad days. dont buy that one!

6 cars with split ac systems. they dont blow the same temp on both sides. you will never get your side of the car to be a different temp then your passanger,
your in the same box of air that they are in!!! its pointless!!!

7 if you live in a hot state.. a dark colored car will get much hotter than a light colored car. and it wont cool off as fast!! dont bitch about picked it!!!i can not fix physics! thats what happens to a dark gets hotter!!!!

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