Originally Posted: 2006-02-07 6:22pm
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Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. Recently as time as drawn on i've noticed my nose hairs are getting far more coarse and dark. I've decided that in planning for my future, I am taking care of it from here out.

After studious research and studying, I have come to the conclusion that if your not wanting to end up the "old guy with the 2 inch nose-hairs sticking out", you may want to start the program i'm on now.

Do not use trimmers or scissors to 'mask' or hide the situation. You need to just grab the bull by the horns and yank them out. If you do this enough eventually you will pull the follicle and they will not grow back. Your eyes will water the first 100 times or so, but after that it just becomes second nature.

Just really caring about the craig list community and hope that you men in 50 years will thank me.

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