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favorite this post The skinny blonde street walker that jaywalked to talk to me - m4w

You were the hot little blonde girl walking down Seaside on Monday. You waved when you saw me staring and decided to walk across the street in hopes of "partying" with me. I told you I liked your shoes and then proceeded to talk story like I was going to take you out on a date or something. You did offer me some Juicyfruit gum, which I appreciated much more than I'm sure you realized as my breath probably stank. I see you all the time on my street here and you always ask me if I want to do something with you, but you never recognize me. I feel like our potentially expensive relationship has gotten off on the wrong foot and would like to make amends. You see, I never really talked to a street walker before I met you, and I have been knocked off my feet and swept away by your beauty. Those crazy skinny legs and hips slither like snakes of passion as you scurry away from me. Your straight and flowing hair cries out to be touched like sweet falling cherry blossoms in the most delicately bleached breeze of Fall. Your tattoos give warning of danger and yet a softness and visual appeal like the rose with its thorns. For some reason as soon as you realize I'm not going to pay a ton of cash to get whatever is lurking between those thin and luscious thighs of yours, you start walking away and seem mad that I have wasted your time. You have to realize how expensive it is to live in Waikiki, that's why I always tell you I live close by. You should offer some sort of Kama'aina rate for us poor folks who just want some tender lovin from a complete stranger (though I feel we are so much more now) every once in a while. I would offer to buy you a beer, but you seem more like a straight vodka chick. Maybe you use the ice to stay skinny? Or is it coke? I know very little of such things, but would be willing to pitch in so you can enjoy yourself while I enjoy yourself. Or for a total twist you could pay ME for the pleasure of getting to lay down on the job for a while. I'm not picky, you could even take a nap for a bit. Mi casa es su casa. So what do you say? Want to help offset the costs of non-discriminatory sex for the poor guy who tells you he likes looking at you every time you give him eyes like you would jump his bones in the middle of the street if they had a few bills hanging off of them?

Till next time I check you out and you get mad at my poor ass, my voyeuristic heart is yours!

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