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Free Shakeweight!!!!!

Tired of not being able to row a boat for longer than a few hundred yards

Tired of not being able to open delcious jars of pickles?

Did you enter yourself into a volleyball tournament with a group of friends but you secretly cant hit the ball over the net and are afraid you might just save yourself the embarassment and break your ankle so you have a solid excuse?

Wanna turn your .22's into .357's so when you take ladies to the gun show they're actually impressed and dont just pretend because everyone knows about your suicidal tendecies but never brings it up because lets face it.....you have suicidal tendencies

Need something to keep yourself active during SHARKWEEK?

Think you can make ads on craigslist that would send the Sham Wow guy crying home to mommy like a little 12yr old boy struggling with his sexual idenity?

You guessed it

Get your lazy ass up and come get yours today!

*Must Include A Worthy Response Stating Why You Want The Shakeweight :)

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