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bitchy goat wanted

My bitchy Lamancha, Lulu passed away suddenly last week and we are all devastated by the loss. We called her the pitbull of goats because she was a tough bitch. Most people hated her but the herd respected her. My herd is mostly Sanaans and they followed her lead. They are lost without a leader. Do you have total bitch goat that head butts and kicks and steps in the milk? Do you have one that jumps up and down when you milk her and you hate her and want to get rid of her but you know no would take her because she's a bitch? Well, I want her and will love her more than you can. I am offering to take the royal bitch off your hands, and I will even come get her. I only want a Lamancha, because they are the toughest of all.

email plz
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