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Thinking Chair

Faux leather (pleather, if you will) thinking chair needs a new home. I discovered this exquisite specimen of modern furniture design at a country auction where I purchased it for over $2 in crisp one dollar bills.

It was home to many great and many banal thoughts throughout my 20s. But I have found a different chair to think different thoughts in.

Why should you borrow your friend's pick up truck RIGHT THE HELL NOW and haul off this piece of crap?

Features of this chair:

  • "distressed" fabric gives it a shabby-chic, collegiate "I don't give a ****" kind of je ne sais quoi

  • best enjoyed with an extra pillow under the cushion, as this chair, like the thoughts it induces, sinks into a deep abyss only recoverable with a friend's lending a hand to pull you out of it

  • there might be a pen and some bobby pins in it

  • my roommate said it's ugly and we can't keep it

  • it's a place to sit

This chair is yours for free if you pick it up.

(Empty alcohol receptacles only pictured to show scale and decor suggestions. They do not come with the chair.)
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