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Nonfuncnional Organic lawn mower

Free to a needy yard, one, two year old grumpy, mean and annoying so called minature goat, needs work, It won't eat weeds but will eat your shrubs and flowers,Is anti-social, which means that he does nothing but scream at you every time you go outside. The only time he's friendly is when your feeding him. He bullies his brother around. Really isn't too smart, he gets his head stuck in my fence almost on a daily bais, which has to be cut to remove him.
The reason I'm getting rid of him is because after two years of trying, I realized I'm not a tree hugger and would rather mow my weeds than wait for the stupid goat to eat them.
Now that you know what to expect from him, and your still interested keep in mind that I will not give him to someone just to make tacos out of. I want him to go somewhere to be a companion to a horse, or someone thats willing to put in the time to make him tame & friendly. He is cut so the billy goat thing isn't an issue.
Below are a couple of pic's including his head stuck,and a pic of his replacement.
Thanks, Steve (928)###-####

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