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Three married (not to eachother) manly men in their 30's desire free or cheap masculine items to furnish the perfect man-cave.

To put it simply, we just periodically need to escape with other manly men to foster, develop and possibly debate our individual manliness, drink beer and discuss manly things...maybe cook some chicken. We have the space, but not the stuff and our wives simply will not allow us to spend "our" hard earned money on such an "undeniably misogynistic thing".
We aren't picky, (because we are men after all) but desparately need free stuff to fill our man-cave. We don't care about feng-shui or chi or crap like that, but all items must portray an appropriate level of masculinity; for example teal and pink flowered couches simply won't do unless I can spray paint it in camo. Please see the list below for things we need. We can come pick them up from you in the Des Moines area, because, of course, all manly men have access to a truck and trailer.

- Beer fridge. Nothing fancy.
- Dead animals for wall display: the bigger the better. Moose or Bear preferred. Badgers, wombats or other mean looking animals would be cool too.
- Any items beer-related: signs, banners, coasters, junk with beer labels on it, etc.
- Couches- preferably would not smell like butt or other body parts. Leather would score major manly points.
- Large Rug- no flower patterns. Wolf or animal theme would be awesome. Bearskin rug with head attached=ultimate man-cave item.
- Recliners- ('nuff said)
- A bar... its got to fit thorugh a 36" door and/or be less than 400 lbs. since we would get "absolutely zero sympathy [at home] for hurting your @!*% back[s] moving things for your stupid boy room".
- TV: Anything that has a picture and sound pretty much. We are "techie" and can make it work.
- Poker table... you never know, maybe someone is CRAZY enough to give away something as cool or manly as a poker table.

So send me an email with what you have on our list for free or little charge, and help out a few pudgy, slightly pale, suburban fathers find a way to escape... even for just a few hours every once in a while.
Other donations of manly things appreciated; if you have something else I must have for the ultimate man cave, drop me an email. Thanks.

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