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Craigslist for Dummies Vol 1

This is the hard to find, must-read book for some people who list items here. It covers topics such as:

How to read Terms of Use and the List of Prohibited Items

Definition of SERVICE: If you bake cakes for profit, build a trailer or tow dolly to sell, advertise wooden chainsaw carvings, work as a ticket broker, sell your furniture or dog houses handcrafted in your shop, install carpet or own a music store, you are a BUSINESS and post in SERVICES.

Definition of a PET: Yes, even the fish in the tank!

LOCATION: Why Brighton, Milan and Saline ads are posted in ANN ARBOR and not DETROIT METRO (i.e. understanding the word "proximity" and map reading basics)

SYMBOLS: Why **** ######## !!!!!!!! are not part of the alphabet even though they show up on your keyboard.

How to SPELL (long chapter, not recommended for those with poor reading skills)

What is "Spam/Overposting"? or "How to Delete Old Ads" and "Why One Must Not Post Identical Ads Across Multiple Categories or Cities"

POSTING WITH CAPITAL LETTERS: Why the CapsLock light is not your friend (stop shouting!).

PUNCTUATION: Why .,;" and ? ARE your friends.

CATEGORIES: It's a simple but often misunderstood concept that works something like this - bike ads go in "bikes", auto parts in "auto parts", televisions and cell phones in "electronics". Even "I want to buy..." has a category called "wanted". It shouldn't be that difficult, but it sure seems to be!

And as an added bonus for a limited time only, a sneak peek into the nail-biting subject of FLAGGING:

It means your community is trying to tell you something. Go to the forums and ask for help to find out what's wrong if you can't figure it out for yourself. If you already know what's wrong and keep misposting anyway, don't complain when your ad has been flagged for deletion.

Before you cry "FOUL", remember how much the ad cost you per line.

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