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Originally Posted: 2008-02-27 08:51

If men wrote m4w ads like women wrote w4m ads

Isn't it funny how most w4m ads are like checklists of requirements. These women think finding a guy is like ordering a sandwich - a little more height please, easy on the love of sports, and can you throw in a weekend house in the mountains and a willingness to support some other guy's children?

If men wrote their m4w ads the same way, we would expect to see something like this:

Looking to meet the woman of my dreams. Someone who appreciates me for who I am. I love big TV's, big trucks, baseball caps, and wife-beater tanks. I love going out with my friends to get drunk at strip clubs too. I'm looking for a nice woman who is not looking to jump into a relationship too soon but who knows what it means to be sexy and take care of her partner. Please no BBW's (sorry) but you won't look good on my arm when I wear a white t-shirt.

You must love dogs and my beer can collection, my dogs, my cans, and I are a package, so if you're not into them then please move on. I like to let all 6 of my dogs sleep in my bed with me, so hopefully you don't have a problem with that.

Deal breakers:
likes to shop too much
obsessed with height (i am short)
talks about yourself too much
always wanting to talk about the relationship
small breasts (sorry, there is nothing sexier than grabbing onto a nice pair)
doesnt like to cook for her man
always wanting to get up early in the morning
intolerance of me and my habits
pressure to have kids

Turn ons:
large breasts (very sexy)
beer drinker
has her own friends and won't try to make me watch chick flicks
smells good
likes football
doesn't expect me to pay all the time
intelligent but not too intelligent (i dont like nerdy girls)
rich father
doesn't have a relationship calendar, i.e. doesnt wonder after 3 months if we are going in the right direction.

Can you find me a woman like that??? LOL

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