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Imagine yourself working for a bakery. You are a good baker and the boss initially hires you in at 500 dollars a week plus a loaf of bread a day to take home. He likes your work ethic and makes you an unofficial partner of sorts in the business.

You work hard, are a good employee and bring the shop some income. You are a part of the team and life is good. Then one day, after your first year or so, the boss says, "I need to cut back on the bread you take home, so you can only have one loaf every other day." Time goes on and a while later the boss says that he can only give you a loaf of bread to take home twice a week. "The bread, he says, "is a bonus and not an obligation on my part." Finally the boss says he can only give you a loaf a week and two years later he cuts that down to your birthday or the anniversary of the store opening. All the while you as the employee are continuing to work hard and make the boss money and are being a true team player.

One day the boss says to you, "I need to cut your salary by one hundred dollars a week." In addition, you are noticing that the boss is giving you the cold shoulder more and listening to your ideas for making the shop successful less. The boss is constantly on your ass about trivial stuff. You and the boss have a relationship that has gone to shit. But the boss keeps you around because he knows you are helping to make him and the business money. You know sales and profit have gone up since you started working there.

You are by this time getting miserable working there I imagine.

So, walking home from work one day, the owner of a different bakery stops you. He says, "Listen, I noticed you used to carry a loaf of bread home every day and now you don't. I want you to try my bread and see what you think, here's a free loaf. If you like it great, if you think you can help me make better bread, I will hire you on the spot. As a matter of fact, I will make you an equal partner and if we ever disagree we can split any profits we have made right down the middle. Your salary will be 600 dollars a week plus profit sharing. I have seen how your boss treats you and I think you deserve better. You are a great baker, I have seen you in action and people rave about your bread and skills. Oh, one more thing, you can take as much bread home as you like, whenever you like."

Do you really think you'd NOT take the other guy up on his offer?

All you people busting the OP's chops on this one are failing to realize that his wife is cheating him as well. If she was having wild ass monkey sex and giving him head on a regular basis before they got married and right after he tied the knot and now all of a sudden has changed the deal without giving him an explanation, SHE is as big of a cheat as he is considering becoming. Men don't get married in order to NOT have sex. Men get married to have sex with the same woman for the rest of their lives.

For you idiots out there who will say it is her body and she doesn't "owe" him a blow job or he is not "entitled" to sex when he wants it, well, it is his dick and if she has a right to hold out because it is her body, he has a right to do what he wants to with HIS body and get "it" somewhere else.

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