Originally Posted: 2004-12-05 12:56pm
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From reading the posts here on CL, it sure seems like EVERYBODY hates EVERYBODY ELSE for SOMETHING. But you don't need a website to tell you that; you see it everyday in the real world.

The rich hate the poor for being "low" and bothersome. The poor hate the rich for being stuck-up. Blue collar hates white collar for having to work for them. White collar hates blue collar for not kissing their ass.

Women hate men. Men hate women who hate men. Women hate men who hate women who hate men. Women hate men for wanting their bodies. Men hate women for wanting their wallets. Boyfriends and husbands hate their girlfriends and wives for taking their freedom. Girfriends and wives hate their boyfriends and husbands for not being perfect.

Fat chicks hate skinny chicks. Skinny chicks hate fat chicks. Fat chicks hate skinny chicks for getting all the guys. Skinny chicks hate fat chicks for hating them for it. Skinny chicks hate guys for looking at them as sex objects, and fat chicks hate guys for not looking at them at all.

Kids hate their parents for being parents. Parents hate their children for making them be parents.

Non-Christians hate Christians. Christians hate non-Christians for hating them. Non-Christians hate Christians for hating them back. Christians hate other Christians for not being the right "kind" of Christians. And everybody hates the Mormons.

Republicans hate Democrats. Democrats hate Republicans. Republicans hate Democrats for not loving their country enough. Democrats hate Republicans for hating the rest of the world. Independents hate both parties for having more money and influence than them. And Ralph Nader hates all of them.

And don't even get me started about race and gays.

My God, when does it stop? It makes me so sad that me, a normally tough and stoic guy wants to cry his eyes out for people everywhere. Everybody hates everybody else, and feels completely justified in that hate. Just ask them, and they'll tell you all about the righteousness of their hatred for whoever they hate. But ask someone who they love, and they're strugging to find any answer beyond a significant other and a few family and friends... Are our capacities to hate so global, but our capacity to love so local and small?

I can't take it anymore... But I guess, I'm no better. I hate everyone for hating everyone else.

Peace, seriously.

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