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What I am about to write will make me look like the lamest woman ever...

You would be right because it's pretty lame

I ride the bus because I don't have a car. Also Boulder has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. I mean who wouldn't want to take the bus after learning that fact? I mean that is why I take it. (I failed Driver's Ed.)

Since I ride the bus, I see the same bus drivers over and over again. But there is one particular Hop bus driver that I am sweet on.

He has brown hair that is worn in a ponytail and he always has a hat.
He has a beard
He always has sunglasses on
He is white but could also be Hispanic.
He young. I would say no more than 32 years old but probably younger.

Have you ever been at a party after most people have left or passed out? There is always that one guy passed out in the corner. You know, that one guy that is holding the blow-up doll in one hand and hanger in the other? He is kind of rough looking but in a way cute. That's what this driver reminds me of. The passed out drunk guy in the corner.

What I am trying to say is that I think he is cute.

I am chicken when it comes to guys. The last time a guy asked me out I just stared at him like I had resently become a deaf mute. Then I said I had a boyfriend which was a complete lie. My flight or fight sense kicks in when it comes to dating and men. It was either make up an excuse or kicking him in the balls. I think "flight" was the best option that time.

I am off topic.

Okay back to the Hop driver. I like him. I think it would be cool if we could hang out and do stuff. Have him drive me around in his car like we are on the bus. We would got to a bar. He would tell me stories about being a Hop driver. I will tell him about the time when I was on the Hill and I got on the bus and there was a dead woman passed out on the front seat. (I think she was dead. The driver made me get off the bus while she called 911.) We would go watch a movie. I would suggest Speed. He would give me a look and then we would laugh. The laughing would stop after we look into each others eyes. Then night would end with a makeout session and a HJ.

(Hey, I am just being honest.)

Who am I kidding? I am probably not even this guy's type. He probably has a girlfriend.

But if you have any clue who this guy could be (or you think you are the driver I am talking about) send me a e-mail. We can trade more detailed info.

this is in or around Boulder

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