Originally Posted: 2006-07-24 11:11am

favorite this post Rant: To the asshole kid at King Sooper's self-checkout Sunday (Speer &14th)

This is the "cranky lady" (your words) speaking.

Here's how it works, since you're obviously too young/stupid/inconsiderate to figure it out.

You get your shopping done and then you go stand in line for the checkout. If you forget something, you get OUT of line and go get it; most people will be nice enough to let you back in line when you come back.

What you DON'T do is wait until you are at the self-checkout machine, drop your stuff, and then go grab something you forgot while you make everyone stand there and wait for your self-indulgent spoiled ass. Our time is AT LEAST as valuable as yours, especially since every one of us waiting is obviously more courteous than you. If you get to the machine and remember something and there are six people waiting for six machines, go ahead and checkout and pay, THEN go get what you forgot and get back in line.

And don't come back and tell the guy who's gone ahead and started checking out on "your" machine that he has to go back and wait in line. You walked away and left your shit sitting there - how was he supposed to know you didn't just change your mind about buying it and leave?

Judging from your looks, "gangsta" clothes, your ugly calf-tat, and your haircut, you are about 18-20 years old. Judging from how you spoke to me when I pointed out where the end of the line was, you have no manners. Judging from the fact that you weren't waiting outside the store to threaten me after you called me names inside in front of witnesses, you might have a tiny bit of sense. Let's work with that assumption.

To you, I'm a "cranky old lady." To the rest of the world, I'm old enough to be your mother, I've earned the right to some respect, I've done more, earned more, and been more places than you're ever likely to do, earn, or go. The fact that I'm the one who called you on your rudeness shows that I've got guts, too, and I'm not afraid of baby wannabe tough guys like you. Every person in that line was thinking the same thing I was - "what a worthless waste of carbon that little asshole is."

You probably don't care, and I take great pleasure in knowing that you'll have to learn the hard lesson - and soon - that getting along in this world requires consideration for other people. One of these days you'll go in for a job interview, to rent an apartment, to apply for a loan, to license a car, or to court, and one of those people you were so rude to - like me - is going to be making the decision as to whether you get what you want. Then you'll wish you'd acted differently.

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