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If relationships were cars, it is understandable to want to test drive a new car. but if you can't afford it, old reliable is running and paid for why do it?
So you lease the new car any way. You drive it for a little while and realize that it is not the one. You start me up again. Then you lease another new car and drive it for a little while and realize that the shine and newness has worn off and you just don't love it like old reliable. All the while you would walk past me on occasion. Touching me, even starting my engine to see if I would still purr for you. I did!! You respond to me, you say I love you old reliable. Your so good to me, what would I do without you! Well now old reliable is up for sale in the paper and getting offers from private parties. So far, test drives have not been available because she just doesn't want to leave the garage....not just yet. Old reliable is hoping that you did turn in that the leased car, so you can come home, show her a little T.L.C. and go for a long drive with the one you love.
Old reliable knows that times are tough and finances are tight. So I will do my best not to break down or give you any fits. Sometimes I might turn on the check engine light just to ask you what you are doing to/with me. Do you blame me?
I know one thing. One person can't drive two cars at the same time without crashing. Please don't crash me! We have been very good for each other.
I also know that there are a lot of places that you would like to go to. let me take you to them. My fuel is cheap and the insurance is paid for.
What do you say? Let's put the kids in the back and go for an easy drive. Well go slow at first to get through the neighborhood and YOUR busy city streets. This is just fine with me. Lets just avoid the bumps and dealerships before we get out of town.
So don't trade me in either...I am worth more to you if you keep me.

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