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favorite this post Artisan hand-crumpled paper (&moving supplies)

On offer: 30-gallon bags of artisan HAND-CRUMPLED paper, perfect for protecting delicate items during transport. When confronted with an impending move, the artist decisively opted out of the capitalist industrial foam-peanut hegemony and turned her eyes to the overlooked potential of the hard copy mass-dissemination of media, news, and corporate propaganda--back copies of Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, New Scientist, Harpers, et al.

Achieving a flow state unparalleled by her contemporaries, the artist deconstructed hundreds of magazines, crumpling each page by hand. The artistically rendered crumpled papers effectively protected many delicate items during a lengthy move, and they will work for you, too. Use them in a similar fashion to packing peanuts.

The artist turned a similarly critical eye to the pressures of holiday guilt, and included in some special bags you will find crumpled swaths of unused gift wrap.

The bags are available in the driveway. Help yourself!

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