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So, I got hosed down by the whole late-night-infomerical-selling-crap-for-way-too-much-money thing.

Don't laugh, there's a lot of idiots out here, like me, who can't wait to spend my meager finances on something guaranteed to make me a star overnight.

Big bucks, big hype and big remorse.
That star thing?
Not quite yet.

I fell hard for the acoustic 'king-of-hype,' the self-proclaimed 'six-string diety' .......the legendary Esteban.

The shades, the jingly bling, the gravelly voice, the smoove and the swank. What can I say? I'm a foo' fo' croonin' geezers.

I poured butt-load of shekels into this piece of crap, and am figuring there's gotta be someone more torpid than me out there.

$2750 rock-damn-solid.

Nary a pence less.

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