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Be the first kid on your block to own this magnificent 1946 Root. Be the envy of your neighbors. Attract girls. Become muscular. You can have it all when you are the proud owner of this vintage Root Manufacturing Company, self-propelled, weed whacker type thingee.
Really troops, this monster is trick. It spins a cutter that looks like a chunk of grader blade and will go though brush and blackberries like they’re not even there. It comes with the 20 inch circular saw blade that will cut a stump to almost ground level when the blade is in the horizontal position. As. you can see in the photos, the whole front section of the beast will pivot so the blade is in a vertical position. Once it is there, you find a large, muscular, somewhat dense, 19 year old with drool running down his chin and tell him how to cut cordwood with the Root. While he is doing this, you get way back and watch with your binoculars. It starts easily and once it is running you tighten the double drive belts by pulling back on one of the levers. Instead of an idler pulley, on the magnificent Root, the whole engine slides back. Neat huh? The carburetor was just overhauled several months ago, so it starts and runs well. Now for the best part. See those grooves around the wheels? If you pull back on the other lever, it will engage the drive gear by running what looks like a rubber bound wheel off some kid’s wagon against a cone-shaped gazunkus on the engine shaft. Once it is engaged, the Root will drag you screaming through the blackberries you just cut. This is not a machine for old farts or the faint-of-heart. You’ve got to be tough, mean and ugly to master the magnificent Root. It doesn’t hurt to have hair growing on the soles of your feet and the palms of you hands. This machine is the size of a large rototiller. If you feel you qualify and above all have 200 bucks to spare, you can be the proud owner of my antique Root. The price is firm and I only accept green money. I’ve got the loading ramps, so just bring your pickup. Please don’t ask me to hold it for you or to deliver it.

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