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Good morning!

So I have a few things I think I need to go over with you.. Yes, YOU!!!
Umm, where to start...

Yep, that's me smiling and chipper and I'm actually working at Speedway!!!
Someone has to put up with your dumb-ass for $7.70 an hour. And your right I have a choice, and therefore I'm going to make the best out of my work day and you got it... Be happy to be there and have a job! So please don't act so surprised when I greet you when you come in.

Ok, first of all I'm over 40 so let's quit with the damn games. If your buying beer I have to ask for your ID, and if your of age just fucking give it to me already, quit bitching. Think about it this way... You either look really young and that's a good thing. When your really old like me you'll be one hot mama/stud! Or maybe and get this I can't afford the $1,000 fine!!! I work at Speedway!!! And for some of you that give me your pocket lint and all, the faster we do this the faster you can get your 10am buzz going! Oh, and to the man that's always .10 cents short I can't cover your drunk ass anymore!!! Time to switch to a 40!!!

To the beautiful lady that comes in with her children... I come to work to get "away" from mine. The going rate for a babysitter is about $10/hr.. I'm at $7.70! Please we use inside voices!!! And nothing is FREE! Unless you use your speedy points, a coupon and remember your card. Look I personally don't care how long you stand at my register looking for it in your bag of tricks you call a purse, but the 10 people behind you are getting really pissed! You know I'm going to ask for it, just like I do everyday you come in! Can you really not get your shit together? and hurry the hell up please.

Yes, ma'am I did ask you if you wanted a bag. You had 3 two liters of pop. I was trying to help and be nice. I get paid $7.70 an hour for that service. I didn't ask to cut off your legs and arms and I had no clue you brought your own bag with you! Thanks for protecting the environment, but damn your a bitch!

To some people that use the potty... pee and poop go in the toilet!!! What part of that don't you understand!! I know 3yr olds that got this down pat. HELLO... we have to clean this!!! Enough said!

To the man that came in without his shirt on, once again.. did you really think I wouldn't notice you??? Your boobies are bigger then mine!! And honestly, just put your damn shirt on, no one wants to see that shit!!! Enough said!

To the young guy that stole the condoms the other day...why?? And who are you having sex with? Oh, I get it... It's cool just to flash them in your wallet! Ok, carry on.

To the lady that spilled her 44oz freeze at my register, and I mean the whole thing, all over, during our peak time.. You did one hell of a great job watching me clean it up!!! By the way thank you goes a long way next time try saying it!

To the pissed off lady waiting on me at the register... Keep fucking waiting.. I'm over here by the huge mess you just made with the sugar and creamer mixing your morning coffee! Since you have no home training and I don't want my regular good customers to walk into this crap I'll be with you in a moment!!! Until then, maybe start diggin out your speedy card I'm gonna be asking you for!!!

And more more thing but you'll never see this I would imagine... If the two of you, who actually propably make and have more fucking money then me don't stay off the lot beggin good, hard working people for THEIR money I swear one of these days soon I'm really going to lose it!!! You don't even let them get out of the car and your beggin for money! Get a JOB!! I'm a single parent with a few children... Guess what.. Speedway wasn't my first choice.. Do what ya need to do!!! But don't do it here!!!

Not even in the smallest print on the application did it say working at Speedway I would be a babysiter, janitor, police officer, mind reader and much more!!! Maybe you can think about this next time you stop in!

In closing.... To my many wonderful customers that make my days fun, have kind words to say and come in with a smile, thanks! Do you have your speedy card?

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