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Two Stoned Dudes - m4w

You smiled, and we were stoned, so we just kept walking. This is sad in retrospect, because you're literally the most beautiful woman I've seen in some arbitrarily quantified span of time.

When we asked the small, hairy Middle-Eastern attendant inside what he thought of you, he waxed poetic:

"She's gorgeous," he said. "Just gorgeous."
He had good taste in women for sure. It also seems that he had given some thought to what he would do if you were his lady:
"I would lick her from top to bottom for six hours," and he made the licking motion with his tongue, his head, and even his hands. It was mostly haunting, but also strangely erotic.
Though I agreed that I too would lick you, I contested the length of time I'd spend doing it. I suggested that 45 minutes to an hour should be more than sufficient. And then if she's not totally disgusted, we would probably move on to more sexually gratifying activities (like blow js and fingerings).
Then the Middle Eastern attendant asked me while stroking his graying Bin-Laden beard "What do you think this is for?"
I stood there for a good 20 seconds, and then I told him I honestly had no idea. So he made the same motion as before but with his beard instead of his tongue. After suppressing my gag-reflex, I told the man I admired his candor and his ambition and to have a nice night.

The funny part is that when I think about what you looked like, I see your long tan legs, floral print summer dress, stunning smile, and the Middle Eastern man rubbing his beard and tongue all over all of it (for some reason the Middle Eastern man licks your dress too in this strange fantasy).

So I guess what I'm saying is, if by some mad chance you read this, please email me to tell me how violated you feel, and how I can somehow see you again.

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