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Guys, seriously. I'm tired of reading Casual Encounters ads, when I'm trying to get laid just as much as you are, and all I see are whiny "Bawwww there's no real women on here PS anyone wanna hook up" posts.

Here's what you need to do to entice girls into fucking you:

1. State your age. I hate opening up ads and seeing nothing about old you are. Some of us aren't into guys old enough to be our fathers. Some of us aren't into jailbait.

2. Describe yourself. Just saying you have a penis and you want something to put it in isn't nearly enough. How tall are you? Are you black, white, Asian, spotted, what? What colour is your hair? Your eyes? Are you a bodybuilder type, or are you a swimmers-build kind of guy?

3. As nice as your cock is, it isn't the first thing we want to see. If I click on an ad with "pic" next to it, at least show me who'll be sticking it in me. Cocks all start to look the same after a while, you know? Sure, yours is the greatest I've ever had, really--but let's wait until email #2 to see your package. I'm more interested in seeing your face.

4. Don't bitch about bots/scammers/etc. You're going to get those responses anyway, it comes with the territory.

5. We don't expect you to be perfect, so cut us some slack, too. It's nice that you only want to fuck supermodels but there's not that many in Calgary, so saying things like "no fatties allowed you hambeasts" isn't really doing yourself a favour.

6. Women are people, too. Try to remember this when prowling Craigslist for tail. If you can't handle the real responses and emotions involved in consensual sex, try looking in Erotic Services instead to meet your needs.

7. Please, for the love of God, try and respect your mother tongue. The Internet is text-based, so my first impression of you is going to be how you write. Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, "lol" used as a verb....you wouldn't wear torn sweatpants on a date, would you? This is the same kind of thing. It may seem picky, but women like these sorts of things. Brain cells = sexy.

Happy hunting, all!

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