Originally Posted: 2007-08-31 12:49pm
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You are ridiculous. Have some tact, you asshole.

I met you for the first time, and after a decent dinner of grilled chicken, roasted redskin potatoes and asparagus, you asked me to your place. You were harmless. We talked for weeks. You weren't a creep- so I obliged.

During the movie you suggested, (Who the hell makes a girl sit through Full Metal Jacket on a first date?) you appeared next to me, stealthily and poked your penis in my face, and in the midst of silently pleasuring yourself, asked if you could "come on my face."

After I shot up in disgust, you continued to stroke yourself, and told me that I was so pretty that you couldn't help it. Then, as I RAN for the door (thank god I was wearing slip on shoes!) you proceeded to "finish" all over the dining room floor.

Thanks for that, Firefighter. Please, PLEASE put your HOSE away.... you disgusting pig..............

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