Originally Posted: 2007-01-08 2:51pm
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You are a really great guy. I like you...well maybe a little too much, but that is okay because no one really knows that, now do they? My attraction for you is beside the point. You have a great personality set off by the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. To think after working with you for so many years it wasn't until today I found out you have no balls to say something helpful in a awkward situation.

I couldn't figure out why you were giving me these "looks". Be still my beating heart! Was it the "LOOK" I have been waiting for? Yes I know it was school girlish of me to get so flustered and hell I even stammered a few times...but god those eyes were looking at me! We finished up our conversation, I punched out and made a quick pit stop at the ladies bathroom. While washing my hands...tragedy hit.

Folks it wasn't just a regular chunk of dried up mucus hanging on a stray nose hair. It was an enormous, phlegmy looking hunk of booger clinging to the side of my nostril. In shock I just stood and stared into the mirror and that is when I noticed movement from my nasal area. Hell yes movement! It wasn't only an epic booger, it was a booger that MOVED! It was actually moving in time to my breathing. Breathe in - booger quivered IN. Breathe out - booger dripped its slimey head back OUT and now, since my imagination had gone wild...waved.


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