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FS/FT 2001 A4 Avant 1.8Turbo 5 speed Quattro-Boss Machine-mad pics yo

Tired of not getting any respect when merging into traffic with your prius?


Your Yuppie friends will love it because its an Audi Station Wagon, your Red Neck Cousins will love it because its boss as boss can be.

No one will ever make fun of you for driving this car.

its has under 175K miles WOW!

Tired of getting 12mpg in your 4x4 truck? but too hard on vehicles to buy a new car? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I've taken all the stress of owning something nice out of the equation - run your car into anything you like and get 28MPG WHILE YOU DO IT>

can you imagine the LOOK ON YOUR BOSS'S FACE when you park this thing next to his new BMW in the company lot?

Can you Imagine picking up dates in this thing?! (her mom will flip her shite) get that bad boy draw without the criminal record, BUY MY CAR!

You may think this is too good to be true, but its not - Call me - Come see the car. I LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES (I even live in cincinnati) you can come shake my hand if you want to.

"but how are you selling your audi at the low low price of $1300?!"

Thats a good question . . . you see, you can get this car without wheels, front bumper, roof rack, or speakers for $1300!



Thats right - you can buy THIS CAR for only $2500 as its sits in that picture (taken like 4 min ago)

Its so boss that the HD F350 behind is is TOO SCARED to park any closer.

This car runs like a dream, has all the regular maintenance done on time and handles like nothing you will ever experience. Want that german driving feel without paying tens of thousands of dollars? BUY THIS CAR!*

CAR AS ITS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES (I'll even leave the half used stick of old spice classic and the death metal tapes in the glove box) $2500

Car Sans Rack $2150
Car Sans Front Bumper $2350
Car Sans Stereo Add ons $2300
Car Sans Wheels $2000
Car Sans Wheels, Rack, Front Bumper, and Stereo Ad ons $1300!!!

Come drive it. You put $5 in the tank and I'll let you test drive it.

You crash it you buy it.

Shoot me an email or call me (srs) 334.707.0722 no calls after ten PM or before ten AM
-Ben *no check engine lights were harmed in the making of this ad. likewise no check engine light is currently on in the aforementioned vehicle. audi/vw north america does not condone driving your car like a sissy and likewise is happy to see their cars put to heavy use...even though they do not condone or support any of the above message. many audi's and vw's were however harmed in the making of the "curshmobile" and rightly so. in closing this fantastic vehicle has been from coast to coast rocking the most and deserves a good home.

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